Jack Waldenmaier’s Bash at Principessa

Gathering: Music Bakery Songs

Classical String Quartet
Amazing Grace
Classical Voices
The Mentor
Ethereal Wonders

Heather: Message

Bach Piece

Dave, Jen, Jacob: Messages

Tony’s Piece with James: ‘All I Ever Need is You’

Heather: Dismissal

Auld Lang Syne’ (Jack Waldenmaier, The Music Bakery)

‘Dr. Bill’ (Buy a Download)

Happy Birthday Jack (from Rosanna)
Living Christmas Card (with Helium)
Who’s On First (with Jen & Jack as Abbot & Costello)

Cedar’s Pizza parts I, II, and III

‘The Bill DeFoore Way’

‘Silky’s Mini-Cooper’

‘DeFoore: One Great Guy’

‘Bach Chorales’ with Hiccups (Jack & Linda, 1975)

Double Piano Concerto, 1st Movement

Second Violin Concerto, 2nd Movement

An Infinity of Summers

For Heather’s 70th Birthday